Sunday, November 21, 2010

what i had on Saturday

since early morning, it's a  day filled with entrance interviews & written exam, never lacks of its own nervousness, yet still amused to find one of the persons in charge as a very nice eye candy XD

hopes everything goes all right, not just for me, for the rest of us too.

but the fact is we're still far from being able to be relieved even after we would get the result for university entrance, we still have a few months to finish the current semester. with its own mind-boggling subjects to overcome.

and today, i had my regular dose of drama. you should never stop practicing, right? next week(precisely tomorrow), we gonna have a mock exam for jlpt. it seems to be last year paper. quite strange, now the one we gonna actually sit this year would be of revised new format though. but i guess the contents are still relevant, so why bother?

later, i searched around to expand my drama inventory. and sure, i did find some. there'll be day where i'll do dramarathon very soon.

and a burger for dinner.

a nap after a long day. emphasis: a NAP. coz it's only an hour. before i woke up to be startled for it was already 11 p.m.

and we already bought ticket for Harry Potter which showtime is 11:30. nevertheless, we made it in time, skipping the intro.

-thought of writing down about the movie, but the words just don't seem to flow out-

though not really what i would deem a marvelous one, it's quite a nice watch. and i haven't seen any movie lately. well, it does make me look forward for the latter part of this 7th installation of the movie series. it would be when i'll be scheduled to be in nihon already. should i make an effort of watching previous ones that i missed?

i guess i'll still succumb to the habit of reading any subtitle available, even if it would be japanese.

i should learn listening properly. sorry for never being a good listener. i'm just not inclined to be so.

whatever crap i'm starting to write here, it's nearly 3 in the morning and my eyes is still wide open while my brain is showing signs of needing rest.

for today, i hope it'll be a sunny day. it's sunday after all. and whatever will be coming today, i'm wishing so that  it'll be a happy one, something that could make me enjoy my day at least.

so, everyone, enjoy your day!

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