Monday, November 22, 2010


if i were to blurt out the following orally to my friends, i'm sure i'll be bashed or just plainly ignored. now, i'm grateful for the presence of what we call blog. it's regarding the JLPT. today, we did the last year's paper, and frankly, i'll say, that's just WAY TOO DIFFICULT. for the current me, at least. okay, that's what i wanna say about the matter. now, i can barely see any light of hope of me passing at this rate, and the new format N1 model paper does not seem easier.

and what i answered to the interviewer for the university entrance : the subject i like/good at -> nihongo

well, i'm not lying. i do enjoy all the thing i'm able to do following to learning it.

i could understand the dramas!! well, though not fully. but it sure leads to the addict i'm having at the moment.

and understanding those lovely lyrics from songs i love to listen. but still, i'm amazed to Ryuuta's style, the more reason i'm so desperate to be better in nihongo. Flumpool, just wait to the day i could watch you perform live...

Okada Masaki made me watch a drama about tax - a topic never occur to me. He's such a hottie~

and actually, i intended of doing my report tonight....

p/s: i need to grab a book now. ah~ how much i want 'I Shall Wear Midnight' at the moment.

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