Thursday, November 11, 2010


yosh, it's now the battle for the interview, yet while the person beside me is preparing for that sake, i'm still sticked here... like izaan said, there's one week more, no worry :P

so here, i'd like to share a quote i found somewhere, it's originally from a book which title i no longer could recall correctly.

You don’t quit practicing because you suck, you suck because you quit practicing. 

You don’t play because you’re good. You’re good because you play. 

You don’t run because you’re good at running, you’re good at running because you run.

somehow, recently it occurs upon me that actually all the bitter feelings/experiences/recollections i gathered so far were actually a valuable treasure. though many people prefer to eradicate those unpleasant things, it's because of the very existence of those that we mature and learn how to appreciate.

coz, i can never be good when i never do it, right? let alone be marvellous like how i perfectly won't mind being one.

so, from now on, no fear! (while inside i still shudder)

ya Allah, please assist me in all of what i do, grant me wisdom, grant me perseverance. i need nothing more than your blessings throughout my life. keep me safe and sound, and so my family and my dearest ones. keep our hearts clean from any evil, forever devoted only to you.

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