Wednesday, November 24, 2010


it's read as くらげ (kurage)

well, the kanji, one by one brings the meaning of 'sea' and 'moon'

combined, it means jellyfish.

a creature that majorly consist of water and little of everything else. fleeting through the waters like nothing else matters.

it reminds me of our visit to JIMAH power plant, where i got a glimpse of the above mentioned creature but quite different to my usual image of it. never did i know there would be one of this size. i did only watch from above when it fleeted near the surface of the water but i guess the full picture must be something like this.

it's still jellyfish, yes. 

ok, i prefer to be near to the ones in the first picture, or more accurately i'd love to simply watch them, though people might say i better do many other things than that. but, animals just soothe you in a way you can hardly comprehend why. they just do. that's what great about God's creations. All praises to Him, Subhanallah~

and the reason why my interest perked up to this creature out of a sudden is because of the following.

yes, i'm absorbed in drama yet again. this time it's Nagareboshi (among other dramas i'm engrossed at the moment). a bittersweet love story enough to keep my interest aroused and maintained. at times painful, at times funny. and call me a girl because i really am one, i can't escape from being mesmerized.

like here's what i call marvel of God's creations. XD somehow he constantly reminds me of someone so close though. guess who? hehehe

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