Sunday, November 28, 2010

let me do this in 10 minutes

yes, it's hectic times like this that i suddenly want to post an entry while having one whole report left undone.

but here i go, i went off wiki-ing some trivial stuff. (funny how wiki-ing sounds so acceptable as googling does)

there, i lost 2 minutes.

so, what i browsed about was Daruma Dolls. actually, i've been asking some people who are coming back from japan to get me this as omiyage. and of course, they just didn't find it and i got something else.

i mean, isn't this unique stuff is visible everywhere when i watch their dorama or whatever. is it so difficult to be found?

i found it really interesting to how they use the doll. to people who doesn't know, originally the eyes are blank and when one makes a wish, they colour one eye, and only after the wish is fulfilled the other is coloured. omoshiroi. somehow, it can be a reminder you still have to push more effort in pursuing what you desire.

so, back to why it's hard to find, i discover that 80% of the doll production is at Takasaki (Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo) source<---check this out! no wonder they couldn't find it easily, the people i asked it from lived so far from the said place.

okay, i got only a minute left.

so, eventually i passed the time limit i set for this by 8 minutes, it's because i thought of putting a screenshot of a dorama where i saw the most amazing form the daruma has taken, but i just couldn't remember of which episode it's featured in.

instead, i found this when i googled. look at those mini tiny ones below them all.

so, later folks!

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