Monday, August 2, 2010

SS day 1

like he said,

"counting the months"

okay, perhaps that's the exact thing i've been doing all the while. with that, we have a lot to be done from now on, like the application forms and so on

what should i write on it? hmmm, i'll let the neurons do their work on that sooner or later. i know i can't get off just by writing that i'm applying there because sensei told me to. hmmm....

but, the most important thing, what we have at the present time is the Short Semester. when the others are apparently enjoying their holiday, here we are working our brain intensively. life's not all joy and pleasure, i know that. but i'm wondering, seeing that the first subject we are focusing on have a lot to do with chemistry stuff, do i just have little chemistry with those? it's not like i have zero interest in it, but i realize it took me only a short while before it put me into slumber. dame da naa... iman, ganbare!

tomorrow would be an exciting one nonetheless. we are to visit Malaysia Airlines' place. supposedly the place where they keep their planes. i love big things. they're just impressive as to see how actually such a huge structure could send people through the sky. in my guess, they gonna show us the engine part or so. i'll try my best to get the best experience out of it. but i kinda fear when i would be frustrated were i to be clueless in front of these amazing stuff we gonna see. there, there, obviously there's a lot more i gotta learn.

reminds me how ignorant i am.

and also, apparently tomorrow the day where i would confirm my fear all the while, please2, no matter how the exam result would turn out, don't let it eat yourself, ok?

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