Wednesday, July 28, 2010

to walk and to shop

too tired to write anything....

have spent approx more than a month worth of scholarship

the joy of shopping is irresistible, though it comes together with sore feet.

and today, the urge to shop managed to suppress itself when i get myself too exhausted after trying to be on balance on the impossible two thin slice of metals under my feet on the so-very-not-smooth ice rink. now, that's what we call exercise. but at that moment, i miss my time with the companion i went with the last time i attempted ice-skating, Hide-kun, tasukete~~ however, skating made me realize something. the sheer strenuousness you have to persevere along the way and the patience that just might burst at any time whilst seeing own self so helpless and so slow in catching up with the rest, it all just feel familiar. yeah, just like when struggling in my studies. but i know i just have to go on, no matter how arduous it is. nevertheless, this pathetic self always weakly succumb to pain and give up every once in a while. sometimes i just feel so sorry for myself.

iman, ganbatte.


absolutely gotta thanks syara for the last few days, it was exciting!

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Anonymous said...

iman shopping pe??!!