Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fluffy cottony clouds

oh, how i love seeing clouds from the above. really, it can make you feel like to frolic on it, jumping up and down, living the child side of you though you know that's entirely impossible as it only consists of vapours. but yeah, they remind you a lot of cotton candies, offering colours from white, silver, grey and yellow sometimes, depending on where the sun is.

what made me recall all these is our visit to MAS hangar at Subang where we could explore the planes, the BIG planes which were there for maintenance. the ones i usually board were of the smaller ones, but to see the bigger ones is so much different. i mean, it's just HUGE. from the floor to the tip of the topmost of the tail equals the height of a multiple-storey building. and the one i saw was just the boeing 747, not even the jumbo A380. reminds you how tiny humans really are.

Airplanes are just amazing.

and today, instead of doing my report on the visit, i ended up wiki-ing more about planes. wikipedia is just magnificent, isn't it? recollecting my previous visit to Halim Mazmin facility in Langkawi during high school, Diamond DA aircrafts is still as desirable as it was when i first saw it. it's a light aircraft usually used by pilot school but also commonly popular for private use. who wouldn't like the idea of possessing own aircraft? how wonderful it is to surf through the clouds and witnessing the whole breathtaking scenery, eyebird view! what more, if it were to be with someone dear by your side.(*^▽^*) i'd love taking lessons to pilot it or just simply waits the other person to bring me around.... there, there, i afraid the fantasy would grow even wilder if i continue this on

 beautiful, isn't he? (hoho, i know people often refer as 'she', but i'm a grown-up healthy girl :P)

by the way, i just found what a lavish fathers could give his child as a memorable present. an experience being behind the 'wheels' of those huge Boeing 777.

as expected, the report is not even a word done. now i better start off!

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