Saturday, August 21, 2010


one of the things that ramadhan teaches you is gratitude.

somehow when you are so blessed with such a comfortable environment, all of the things that come along are taken for granted, thus we forget, and sought for more.

and more and more.

until you learn that what you actually need is nothing more but that little of something. and then you realize, by far you've deceived yourself for getting the surplus in order to satisfy yourself, oh what a waste when there's always somebody else who are deprived of all those and would be more than delighted to have it. when was the last time i feel satiated with food so simple and only a handful of it? (gosh, how gluttonous i was). and it does indeed make me happy.


and to look around, i can't deny the existence of all those things that would let me down every now and then, but there's also things that can paint up the smile on my face and also put my heart in felicity. to be glad to actually be alive. and it's all thanks to Him. He's the one giving life in each of us and the whole complete world we're living in. even when facing all those challenges, it's inevitable to be exhausted, but you can always know you're doing this for a reason and your final destination. nevertheless, for our heart is a delicate thing yet it's easy enough to be pleased by things of our fancy, He has scattered all those around very beautifully. you just can't escape the admiration and to be brimmed with sheer gratefulness.


thank you Allah, i'm happy and blissed~

p/s: the last 2 weeks of 'nihon keizai to keiei' class was so enjoyable and kept my heart leaping undoubtedly. i know i can make it through the other ordeals be it the 3 weeks of an apparently mind-boggling and mentally tormenting class, iman, ganbare!!

and retrospectively, JAD is not actually that bad after all, anyone agree? 

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