Sunday, August 8, 2010


it's a saturday. with a lot of stories.

the luncheon

truly happy we could gather and hang out with our dear buddy faseeha before she would so far away from us. and the day we spent together was simply memorable. the lunch which we took so much trouble just to find the right place, and the laughter shared in the process. somehow, we ended up somewhere totally contradicting to the initial condition of the search-affordable for plain students like us. we went italian.

so funny how we barged in like some sort of an awkward party acting haughty and yes naturally, to choose something from the menu took time. or how to eat some warm bread when it's served with vinegar and something-god-knows-what. well, the pasta was not all that bad, though some bad choice makes it go below our expectation a lil bit. nevertheless, the whole party of 6 managed to enjoy ourselves. really sorry to the other patrons of the restaurant did we bother them with our noise and sheer excitement.

pastas involved : spaghetti, linguine, angel hair
also pizzas and calzones

too bad it can make you feel full when not even half has finished

the last airbender

due to some blunders in my part, i mistook that my brother would come along too. good thing izmier was there to fill in the space (waste not my rm13 spent). so, excluding me, rifqi and him were to watch 2 movies today. if i were to review it all here, might me troublesome. so my overall impression would be, good effects and i could see how interesting the original story would be (i didn't watch the animation series). but somehow perhaps it's just difficult to cram it in a movie even for the very first part of it. it's just that my mood was not that aroused while watching it compared to the other movies i've watched recently. however it does makes you curious for the next part. but for this type of movie, maybe not as much as i anticipate the sequel for darren shan's vampire's assistant.

what goes around comes around!

this might some weird occurrence to me but it does leave a deep impression inside. it happened when we were walking our way back from the ktm station. we were totally in a rush before maghrib runs out of time. more than usual i took quicker and bigger steps. but then, i didn't know since when but someone was calling us from our behind.

"stop! stop! don't run! i'm no robber"

that caught me in a daze. and he goes on further with some super-rapid-pace explaining his whole situations till the moment he stumble across us on that road. i was just so perplexed to give any response especially when he said, "really sorry to ask you this this favour, but i'm really not trying to rob you, even if i do, hit me". still in bewildered state but i somehow pity him for being stuck in that desperateness so eventually i just handed the last 3 ringgit i have in my wallet. combined with izmier and rifqi's part, it did not even make up to the whole meager amount he needed but he looked rather pleased. then we instantly left him behind and took even bigger pace to catch it in time when something really unexpected totally caught me speechless. for the second time, someone called for us.

"free taxi, free taxi"

the remaining few hundred meters home were of ease that not even a couple of minutes passed before we arrived. and not even late for maghrib prayer, alhamdulillah~

....and my fandom

kenichi matsuyama to star in the adaptation of 'usagi drop'-one manga i love to read for its simplicity and cuteness. well, there's quite a story in it too. that very cute lil girl in it is the same girl from the drama 'Mother'-a drama worth watching for its story and suspense despite being a slow one

and watching buchou today really my day a level brighter. buchou~~~!!! hotaru is just so adorable while buchou is hot like always

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