Friday, August 27, 2010

at a loss for word

every so often i'll be stuck in a situation where i could not find what to say when actually i would really love to have a chat with someone. alas, i'll have no clue and end up in taciturnity. indeed, people say silence is wisdom but it is through words that people can reach an understanding and deepen their bonds. words are powerful enough it can translate what actually is felt deep inside and deliver it straight to the others. it's because feelings and emotions are such intangible things, they need some medium to travel.

but then, when words are that powerful, it can turn out to be fearful and dangerous. be it orally or written. when uttered by the two lips, it can be intimidating as the accompanying tone could be scary, it can reverberate in the mind, like a haunting chant. however, words that are written down just last, leaving an unfading proof making it just as frightening.

even while knowing that, it's inevitable to just blurt out something we do not really mean. only to end up feeling so bad once realizing what a mistake the tongue has done. or even what the fingers has just thoughtlessly lined down. an array of words that might just hurt someone unknowingly.

or is that really the case?

only people so selfless would think that. perhaps what do we really care about is how others perceive us after making that blunder on words. would they look down on us? would they go away? did i just make myself a fool?

nevertheless, by saying nothing, would that not make that a mistake just the same?

if only God would grant me the grand art of weaving words the right way at the right time..... amin~

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