Friday, April 9, 2010

when 4 days feel like 4 weeks

it's more than i expected

first week is already this tough, well i should brace myself for this.... a mounting work before i can even come to realization that in fact the school has started... no need to say, my 1st day was a complete defeat, sorry sensei, i couldn't get my eyelids open that day, it's too much of a shock... and more subjects too new to me it takes time to get used to all of it. nonetheless, much thanks sensei, u makes it all seem interesting though the workload is beyond words. maaa, i gotta get in love with all this zairyou, keisoku, sekkei, kikai kikou/youso, netsurikigaku, and definitely the mind-boggling math, yoroshiku ne ueno-sensei~

however, the experiment we did was really interesting. only that, the report that follows stirs a chaos in my mind now. ganbarou2~~!

fatigue accumulates and wins me over

but yeay, tomorrow's friday!!! and something i've long been anticipating will finally reach my hands!!!

anyway, i'm glad i had a pleasurable weekend prior starting my new arduous semester.
yeah, it was a right decision to just watch 2 movies at once. 'woochi' is so hilarious despite being an action movie. well, korean movies tend to be like so, this reminds me of 'the host'. i laughed my heart out watching that one even though it's like a science-fic movie. and the second movie i watch was 'kaiji' starring fujiwara tatsuya(do i spell this right? he's the one as raito in death note). they certainly made a mistake when putting 'the greatest gambler' as the tagline for the movie. the story is focused on that kaiji character alone, and so little of everything else. and i'm sure this must originate from some manga coz it's full of that air. not really a bad one though. when i thought matsuyama kenichi would be an important character, he's erased too soon... but the ending is quite nice~~ i love that kind of ending

so, the movies i'm looking forward to next is shrek:the final chapter, and toy story 3. isshoni mi ni ikanai?

i could foresee a drainage of money beyond control... what more next week they seem to be interested for the pc fair, too much of a possibility i'll be flowed along.

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