Friday, April 9, 2010

math failure

finally, one hectic week of school over. no, tht's not a week, definitely that felt like a month! i'm exhausted with all the workloads. they just don't do it the usual way where the first week would be much lax, they go straight to the contents of every each subjects while we plainly have no idea of everything in it. if we're compared to a car, we're no normal car, if not, to go straight to gear 5 is utterly impossible.

yet, once the last class of the week came to its end, instead of lying in my lovely bed, my leg brought me to kl. yeah, kl! specifically klcc, my venue: kinokuniya.

while originally i planned to go there next week, for the pc fair as well, the thing i've ordered just have to arrive on this very week. well, i'm a person with little patience. straight away, i went and now i'm in cloud nine. hehehehe. to have something you covet so much finally in your hand is such an ecstasy.

yea, yea, i know the reports and homeworks are chasing me, but let me relish in this moment first. aaahhhh~~~

go, go iman!!! you've spent so much to be lazing around. you've overspent again..... when i thought i would stop at that book i want so much, kinokuniya just have to do this offer which i just wish they had already started it in march. every rm30 spent earns you a stamp, 9 stamps give you rm30 worth of book. let's just say you spend rm270 and you get book worth rm30 for free. i'd like that. if only i know they would do this in april, i'd delay buying all that manga-gosh, i spent over 200 on them alone. i can nearly have all the 9 stamps that way. oh, and while thinking that, i made a blunder today. dunno why, but i guess the hectic week really affects my head, i miscalculated, i ended up wasting over rm10 when i didn't even have to. aiya, tht can make up my 3 days lunch. what a waste, what a waste. sorry ueno-sensei, i can't even count properly, so much to struggle in your math class.

nonetheless, bookstores are simply dangerous.

oh, bought another novel despite having a number of others in queue, waiting for the day i would read them. this time, i bought 'the winner stands alone' by paulo coelho. his writing is amazing, i still remember reading 'the alchemist' and so mesmerized by the story. language-wise, indeed it made me want to put it down at times but i enjoyed it so much. the story is just great i ended up giving it as a farewell gift to someone when i had nothing else better in my sight. i wonder if he would read it though. would be good if he does.

now, i'm so lethargic. still well for blogging, but report? i think.....


hudhud said...

alchemist??!! x smpat abes bcer pun..ahakz=P

fadhilah said...

bookstore is definitely dangerous~~!
step in n u wud just mayou~ waa~~ books are here and there calling 4 us..hehe iman dengar x buku tu pnggil?:P