Saturday, April 3, 2010

the second quarter

so, what exactly did i do in the first 3 days of the 2nd quarter of 2010?

April 1st:
  • further engrossed in my obsession while honing my nihongo in the same time. while i thought that a series of Q&A would be pretty simple than a whole long interview, i was quite wrong. but after all, i'm happy to be able to share.... hahaha, fandom talks. the reason why it's been quiet these few days with no entry in this blogger.
  • and watched 'Clash of the Titans'. honestly, it's just not my cup of tea. full of actions but simply boring. i nearly slept when i watched those guys in a fight. and 3D chinese subtitle does not make it any better.
  • and finally returned to tbp after a long while. rearranged our room and my desire to have a map on the naked wall facing the bed is overflowing now.
  • the questionnaire was making us all panic, lost mine and ended up copying it all by hand.

April 2nd:
  • we had our guidance session. a clearer view on the route of what we gonna go through starting from now. and also just why they didn't give out the infos on those respective universities earlier? found out the university of choice from long ago (for the sake of such interesting vibes it gives off) does not in fact have the research of my interest. aaahh~
  • a briefing (but it does not even brief) on the labworks and whatever related on our mechanical course. seems interesting but it starts as soon as this monday requiring me to gather info on tensile test soon. and i'm at home now, that certainly is not helping in the slightest bit. at home, i'm super-sloth.
  • finally i know where Pakcik Tahir lives. so much tolls on the way there. 
  • oh forgot, received the books we suppose to soak in our brain for the sem. should i say, a mountain of them?

April 3rd:
  • being a complete sloth

between K university and K university, i'm in dilemma. okay, let's strive harder if i ever wish to able to get into that 'K university'~~ XD

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