Friday, April 29, 2011

The entry that supposed to be a week ago

Cheese naan at doner's kebab

Day 8 in nihon and I went to akihabara the 2nd time unplanned.

Amount spent: ~¥8000

I love shopping.

Though the trip to Tokyo was unintentional, good thing I can finally use the phone. Senpai guided the way to apple store at Ginza, and my problematic phone got exchanged with a new one. As easy as that.

And now I'm loving the many apps.

Gotta focus on studies!

I'm still looking for an application that enables me to use blogger more conveniently. Seems like there is still none that are free. Even livejournal already has it's own application so it puzzles me why blogger does not. Definitely a hassle to open safari browser like this. Should I just pay for the existing app?

Tomorrow's holiday!!! But I got a report due this Monday(~_~;)

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