Friday, April 29, 2011

The apps

It'll be a lie if I say this is a complete first time of me using such a high tech device, previously I've used PDA and such but this iPhone really can make me so engrossed. Back at home, even if I dream of using one, it can hardly be realized, what with the exorbitant price. But here, almost all of us(the newly arrived JAD students) are using it for the convenience it posesses.

Other than the basic function of making calls, sending mails n browsing the net, here's what makes my life much easier:

1. The route finder for trains. Like the other day when I promised to meet someone at Omiya and going by myself, this helps.

2. The app for prayer times n Qiblat direction

3. Facebook, twitter n skype n livejournal- the most used social apps

4. Bump, to exchange data with othe devices by just 'bumping'

5. Notes as an effort to remember my incomplete homeworks

6. Mirror- just interested by haven't had a dire need for it just yet

7. QR code reader to easily access webs n receiving contact data from others

8. Thermometer - haven't calibrated this yet

9. Earthquake apps, for viewing records of earthquakes around the globe (I doubt this is useful) and the other one warns of incoming earthquake within nihon - this one sure is useful

10. Blogger+, with which I'm using to post this. It comes with a price though

11. N the most important - Active money. Another paid app but worth it. It's used for personal bookkeeping so I can keep track of my expenditure. After abt 2 weeks i know i've spent about ¥250000 already.

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