Monday, October 13, 2008

a lil bit much of hersheys

for a moment, i remembered the hersheys' kisses lamp post i saw a year ago. it was so cute and attractive. it made your ride in the car more enjoyable somehow, by having those delicious kisses in sight. yeah, chocolate does make you feel gooood...

well, as to why i suddenly recollect this memory is because i'm choked full with hersheys chocolates now. i just got back from Langkawi for an official business. hahaha, i'm not fully joking as i was actually invited by my ex-school to attend hari raya celebration there and also to an occasion to specially reward us for our sweatful strive and effort. i was really thankful because it was all worth it. of course i am really proud of my friends who had done all the best and catapulted us to be the best in the past SPM exam. thanks all. although the reward was not that much but it was still meaningful, right?

talking about the occasion, it went all right, i guess. i'm greatfully delighted to see my teachers again. i missed them so much. i mean, if it was not because of them, i couldn't really make it this far. for us the infineighters(name of our batch), out of all the 159 students(those who got straight A's and 1A's) who were invited, about half of that turned up. everyone was so eager. after receiving the little reward, we proceed to have the hari raya feast. well, i would say the best hari raya celebration i ever attended (school level) was when i was in form 4. it was marvellous. so, to compare this one to that one, the idea used were quite the same. they put up stalls which were taken in from outside. so, we have the bazaar-like air. the difference between the two was when i was form 4, the celebration started at night while this one was in the noon. so, the food were not bad, yeah, it was outside food, not the one prepared by 'dewan selera'. whatever it is, the best part of the event was having the opportunity to chat with my ex-teachers and friends of course. sadly, my camera had already had the battery dead by then. if not, i would already snap a lot of pictures with them.

thank god, the battery lasted long enough to take this picture of my homerrom members and advisor. he's still cute as ever.

this picture was taken before the event started. from left, Iza(with me now at Unisel), najwa(f5 student-mashi's pet sis), Mashi(my roommate at mjsc), me

somehow, even when i think everything went okay, i still feel something was not right. i wonder what it is......

nonetheless, i manage to follow my original plan of shopping for chocolates after the event finished. yay, it was really a shopping spree. i spent almost 200 solely on chocolates. well, i still got other chocolates i want to buy but seeing that bill, i knew i had to stop. i already had bags of hersheys and also my favourite merci. i eventually went back after being out for about 4 hours.

so, in the night, i had to go back to KL. my flight was the last flight from Langkawi. i used the remaining hour and half at Kenny Rodgers'. well, i can hardly forget my experience there. it was so funny i would laugh everytime i remember about it. it was my first time being served by a really friendly waiter who actually recommended me to take take-out meal and to eat it in the restaurant itself. not only that, i guess i got drinks (in fact for me and my pal) without extra bills. i paid exactly what it was written on the menu for the meal i ordered that consisted of only spaghetti and a muffin. i guess, i won't forget this unexpected hospitality in near midnight. and i guess, it tells me to go to Langkawi again! yeah, i'm really glad if i have the chance to....

yeah, i would definitely come back, insyaAllah~

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