Tuesday, October 7, 2008

have i repented?

ok, today is the second day after the school reopened after the Raya break... supposedly i had said to myself before not to get drown in the surreal world of my beloved red notebook here but yet again, i'm in front of it now and am greatly excited over a newly-released manga scanlations... hahaha, can;t help it, it's just so like me :P

talking about school, since we had our classes reshuffled, i find myself in the third different class for the science subjects. i used to be in the Y class first, and then Z class and now for the 3rd reshufflement, i'm now in X class. surprisingly, i'm placed in the middle of that silent class. normally, the other classes i've been in before would never be that silent in any time there were people. so, it came to me as a great shock. i feel as if i am the only who makes noise whenever i'm talking. it sort of driving me crazy. but well, it had only been 2 days so i hope i would somehow change in days to come. however, i guess this change might actually benefit by encouraging me to be more hardworking and be less ignorant as before. hopefully.

for the nihongo class, i'm now in 'shizen' class. (shizen=nature) well, i never know if all of its members are natural enough though. but it started well enough. i was in super-sleepy mode less than half an hour only. i tried my best not to close my eyes. ganbarou~!

and for today, i managed to finally make that chocolate pudding i bought weeks ago. incidentally, Kai and friends were preparing for iftar, so i just butted in and make that pudding. even though i was not fasting, i ate together with them. at least, i contributed for the desert, didn't i? hehehe. later, in search for the power adapter of this notebook (i left mine at home), i went to fatin's house which proved to be futile. her notebook is of a different model, so the power adapter does not fit. i can't think of anyone else but the boys' consequently resulting me asking from ikhwan. fortunately, he was kind enough but only after isya'. having time to kill, i did another thing i 'swore' not to do anymore; watching dorama! oh my, i kinda of regretted that but it was really funny. it was binbo danshi (literally means financially poor boy) starring oguri shun. honestly, i've read about it before but got instantly uninterested due to its promo image. it was him wearing newspaper suit. it looks so ugly and inappropriate. it made me think that the story must be not that good. talking about how image influence people's perception. nonetheless, after watching only an episode of it, i was quite hooked and touched by the story. you would initially think of how stupid the main character is but gradually you will notice how that stupidity actually brings out the goods in him. [this is the picture that made me kinda prejudice with it]

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