Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ah! that butler

About months ago, i don't remember clearly when, but it was my first time entering the japanese books section in Kinokuniya KLCC. Naturally, a manga-lover like me would be drawn to the manga racks. i was truly fascinated by the vast amount of mangas which i hopefully soon be able to read. it was like taking a cat to the fish market, i guess. Just imagine how excited i was but only due to the language boundary and a bit of financial instability, i was hindered from indulging in my insatiable obsession. So, while wandering and pondering, among the abundance of colourful glossy covers of variety of mangas, my eyes were hooked on one particular manga. the artwork was really fine and magnificent, just the way i like it. I never heard or read about the manga before, it was my first time seeing it. The title initially made me laugh by my own mistake in reading it. It was 'Kuroshitsuji' (black butler) yet i read it as 'Kurohitsuji' (black sheep). I was euphoric with the idea of having it in my possession and more than that if i were to be able to understand what it was about perfectly. Disappointingly, it was a matter i couldn't overcome at the time. So, i just went away not forgetting the beautiful illustration on the lustrous shiny cover. Besides, the one i saw was volume 2/3, so it was like no point even if i bought it then.

The next time i went to Kinokuniya again, it was quite a long time after the previous visit and I already searched about it on the Net. Wow, it was quite famous and luckily it got some scanlations. Having read a few starting chapters, i was really eager to search for it again. Who would forget the beautiful cover and where it was located. I really hope there was volume 2 in store as the scanlations only went as far as the ending of volume 1. The story was really catchy and i can't wait to read the continuation. I was really fond of the artwork and still am. The butler is so mysterious and you can't help but be amazed and mesmerized by him. The 12-year old master too would attract your attention by his attitude. The funny elements were made complete by the good-for-nothing chef, gardener and maid. It was really a good read. To my disappointment, the only availables ones were vol 3 and 4. I could't get a clue of what happened in the story even if i really wanted it that bad added with the struggling in translating it with my lousy japanese language proficiency. it was not worth the trouble. So, again i had to walk away with such a reluctant heart. [oh yeah, the handsome man in black swallow tail is the butler Sebastian]

so, naturally, when i happened to know today of its new scanlation release, i was full of ecstasy. Not only that, the rumoured anime adaptation has also aired in japan and the fansub for the 1st episode is now out. Expectedly, the anime is quite as good as the manga. The starting plot just follows the storyof the manga yet, at the very beginning of the anime mentions about the contract between Sebastian and Ciel(his 12-year-old master). The animation is quite good. i really mean it because i usually prefer manga version over anime as i think anime alters the beautiful artwork of the original one. Well, for the fighting scenes, i have to wait for at least another episode as the 1st episode doesn't have one at all, just portraying the intelligent mind of Sebastian. Ah, i think i'm starting to infatuate him more and more.[screenshots from episode 1]

more interesting, as the pronounciation is in japanese, sebastian = sebasuchian, ciel = shieru

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