Monday, October 1, 2012

where my money has gone wasted

and here i am wanting to write an entry even with another draft unposted.

but, this is among random things i'm thinking rather than account of events like usual post

so, yeah, let's go to the bulleted list

well, those that are wasted for practically nothing:
  • attempted to start using softener when doing laundry, only to realize i've been using some really nice-fragrant DETERGENT as softener. so that was double dose for each laundry i've done in the last few months
  • instead of cycling to the train station which costs nothing, i took the bus and then remembered that i forgot something at home, so another bus trip to return home and eventually decided to cycle to the station
  • bought a pair ticket for an event wishing someone would be my company, but no one was available and went alone in the end
  • took instant photo at the photo booth, inserted 1000yen bill and  forgot to take the 300yen change
  • bought a cup of pudding as a reward for myself and put it in the refrigerator in lab to be eaten later but forget all about it
  • once i went all the way to yokohama to have fun, said goodbye when it's late night. on the way return, i was supposed to change train at shibuya, but i already missed the last train to saitama, ended up going back to yokohama direction just in time for the last train and spent the night at a friend's.
  • i think i already bought 2 cords to connect my macbook to my TV but none of them actually works
  • having to buy umbrella each time rain pours when i forgot to bring mine in the first hand
  • some pieces of clothes i thought i would wear but in the end i just don't
  • a pair of really nice looking leather boots, but turned out to be pigskin
  • i think i bought souvenirs more than needed, they ended up in my storage
  • honestly i kinda regretted i chose to go to my lab's gasshuku this year where i didn't even enjoy
  • sometimes food that i bought and then stored in the fridge/freezer ended up in garbage after a while passed
  • once i foolishly bought an app in iPhone but then it proved to be useless and i deleted it on that very day
  • having to pay redelivery fee for a package after i forgot to update my latest address in their system, and it happened not even once

and those that are guilty pleasures:
  • trips to baskin robbins even on non-discount days. to have it in my proximity makes it irresistibly tempting
  • frequent purchase of bar chocolates especially when the mood escalates
  • being a member of a paid fanclub of a group i really like
  • constant purchase of CDs and DVDs, even those including the live performances i actually went to
  • yeah, those live performances and the goods that come with them (but they're worth it!)
  • i actually have quite a number of bags in my possession
  • buying manga that i actually have read

they amount to a big chunk of my expenditure. no wonder it makes me not so happy each time i check my bank account. hopefully nothing of these sort will happen again.


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