Thursday, October 11, 2012

3renkyuu again?

Not really, it's only me who decides so. A Friday that i love when sensei happens to be absent from the lab^^

So today i got a little errand to do a little bit before the evening. I promised to meet someone at Omiya station by 4:45pm

I finished my work at the lab and supposedly we had our weekly meeting at 4, but i reported my research progress earlier. My sensei is ok with that. Oh yeah, i really love him today, i felt bad for rushing him to do my reference letter for scholarship applications, nevertheless he did it nicely!

So i departed from school to the train station at about 4, by bicycle it would take about 10-15 mins. I got a lot of time in my hand.

I even brought a novel to kill time while waiting. And i carried it in my tote bag. How stupid of me to use tote bag to school today while i knew i'll be riding bicycle.

The thing is my dear bicycle is so sporty it has no basket to put stuff.

So i just hanged it at the handle, though i was afraid of it swaying and getting too close to the revolving front wheel.

Another bad choice today, pants with loose bottoms. It made me worried when it kept wanting to get stuck at the chains. it did slightly, with a bit of tear as a result.

But it seems that the main concern is not that.

When i didn't realize it, as i cycled, suddenly the front wheel stopped!

In a blink of an eye, i was on the ground. I imagined the back wheel must be jerked upwards, and the impact was great. That hurts soooo much!

It turned out that my bag got stuck at the wheel that initiated the sudden brake. Oh, my bag! and i really love that one, now it is stained with black oils or whatever dirt at the wheel.

Thankfully i didn't think anyone saw it, it must be funny. Fortunately no major wounds, just some light bruises and scratches.

But still, when I tried to ride the bicycle again, it was difficult. Ended up holding the bicycle and walked to the station. When i thought i would have a lot of time to spare.

Lucky i made it just in time at the promised time. So delighted the minor accident didn't make me late, or else my friend and I probably couldn't meet as she had to catch train quickly after that.

Now i'll just take a rest, and rest more tomorrow~~~

oops, tomorrow i still have to go take the bicycle i left at school.

showing off my beloved black bicycle

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