Wednesday, April 4, 2012

end of 1st year in japan (part 1)

it's already april, yes a new semester, a new year (Japan starts school year in april). but it reminds me how long i haven't been writing here. actually, a lot of good memories have been created in the whole span of holiday i got by the end of my first year here. numerous times i already thought of at least jotting some of them down, but i never really got them done. i'm really lazy. so now i actually has started typing, where shall i start?

so yeah, when my final exam finishes, it was about in mid february. the rest of february was spent going out few times with friends, and some farewell parties. talking about parting, a friend i really got to be close with after i came to japan actually goes somewhere away for one whole year starting last month. i really miss her, a good thing she still keeps in contact from time to time. And some attempts to get part-time jobs that were to no avail. the furthest i went at the time was to shinkiba for some entertainment. okay, that was pretty much it for february as the real stuff begins in march. i moved to a new place, not as close to uni as before, but still close. but now, i'm closer to baskin robbins^^ moving was quite tough even with little stuff i have. but i really love this new place. yes, it's indeed small but sufficient for living alone. 

shortly after i just moved, my dad came for one whole week. at the time, i still did not have much stuff in the house, so it was like empty room when he came except for that TV i bought the first day i came to japan. that week was like a transition from winter to spring, so it was raining all week. not really a good time to go sightseeing, but i still managed to bring him to quite a few places. for tokyo, we went to akihabara, shinjuku, ueno, odaiba in the first few days he was here. at one time, it was surprisingly sunny that it was such a waste because if only we knew it, we would go to someplace nice. but we still took advantage of the time to enter shinjuku gyouen. at least, some plum trees were blooming. 

and as expected of akihabara, he got a classic camera added to his collection. talking about camera, for the first time i knew that a camera museum exists in chiyoda, so went to take a look there. and he really made use of his great camera when we went to trick art museum in odaiba. then, we rent a car for 3 days and drove it to yokohama. i know this is reachable even by train, but at least let him drive and not get tired from all the walking if we only use trains. we stayed a night there and did some sightseeing (though it rained during the day) and spent the next day amidst that rain in hakkeijima sea paradise! initially i was planning to go to enoshima aquarium because i heard they had spectacular display of jellyfish and i was really eager for that but it seems that place was quite far from yokohama compared to hakkeijima. well, next time i got a chance to go to kamakura, i'll definitely include enoshima in the itinerary. even that, how excited i was to be at hakkeijima and i got to touch whales and dolphins. it was super cold though, remind you it was still early march. i even got to bring back a cute penguin stuffed doll from a happy bag they sold there. 

by the way, it surprised me to find chinatown in yokohama really only sells chinese stuff (in japanese price standard) n none of those little souvenirs as memento of the place. when i went to chinatown in NY, there were tons of I<3NY stuff even stuff i could never thought would be worth as souvenirs. so, after we returned home, the next day we went to asakusa, a usual tourist spot (that is after we went to nitori to buy some of my house needs or just something to adorn). there were a lot of people as always, thank goodness when we were there, it wasn't raining. we got what we searched for, and we still had time in tokyo, so we stopped by at akihabara again as it would be the last time to be anywhere, his flight home was the next day. this time, i got what i've been desiring for so long. a new computer! yes, i'm writing this entry in this very computer~ 

part 2 will follow....

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