Friday, March 9, 2012

What living-in-japan changes me

1. Sleeping with blanket, covering all including my whole head underneath it

2. Whenever in train, i'll definitely target the corner seat

3. Stopping for 2-3 seconds in front of automatic door before it opens as they still remain closed when you approach it

4. Asahi's 'straight tea' which used to taste real weird n close to tasteless feels sweet now

5. Following that, sugar in tea has become quite unthinkable

6. I can eat potato chips with chopsticks

7. I eat less fried food or almost to none in a month

8. Buying CDs is a normal thing

9. Eating ice-cream so frequently (especially baskin robbin's)

10. Places within 1-2km away is just walking distance, no sweat

11. I can eat 'ikura' now, yeah i'm a sushi-lover!

...and no doubt much more


reefqi abqary said...

no 1, 2, and 10. same. huhu~

Has said...

cuma lebih suka tanahair sendiri sebab...tak perlu jalan kaki sana sini :P

afiqjohari said...

More photos! =))