Monday, April 9, 2012

not lonely toothbrush

the above title is the pun for a song title called "hitoribocchi haburashi"/lonely toothbrush

i have never been to a doctor so far since i came to japan. let alone dentist.

just the other day, a friend mentioned to me my teeth look nice and white. honestly, i was stunned. okay, maybe because she sat in front of me at the dining table, the distance between us makes all the flaws unseen.

actually ever since i was a child, i don't really have that habit of brushing my teeth regularly. the best i could do is brushing it once a day. at least that's what i try to stick to now, every morning after i wake up. i don't even know how to use something like listerine.

but even if now npeople say my teeth are nice, if this goes on i doubt they will stay nice in the future. and i don't really like the idea of having to frequent the dentist.

so today, i thought of starting a new resolution, that is to brush my teeth twice, morning and night.

yup, i did brush after i woke up as usual, and after my isya' prayer, i remembered my resolution and i zealously brush my teeth.

i feel so good for taking that first step.

and i'm already imagining myself going on with this habit from now on, i'll be a good girl.

a new school year, a new resolution that can be kept.

that really rings a nice sound.

so i was looking at some stuff, like the list of subjects i should take etc. yeah, and other useless things that keep me tied to the computer and stuffs.

when i realized it, i just munched on a bread topped with mayo and serunding.

day 1 failed.

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