Monday, February 14, 2011

nice timing!!

well, i think i don't have to explain what happened today, just browse around my coursemates' blog for today's date and you can easily figure it out.

the thing is, i hardly fell so much into a pit, various things cheered me up!

the first thing is definitely my sensei-tachi. their words certainly are really encouraging and for some bits help me to laugh out loud. i would treasure those for a very long time to come for sure. i'm glad i happened to read those today after the adversity that fell upon us today.

#2, listening to flumpool's 'hana ni nare' lifts up my spirit yet again. like i said, what a nice timing that the song came to my ears exactly when i'm not at the best moment. along with ryuuta's mellifluous voice and the encouraging lyrics that strides along the whole song, it throws my anxiety away for now. even if i flung today, i can still bloom for another day, yeay Hana ni Nare!

#3, after returning home, as i've promised myself, i allow myself to touch this beloved notebook of mine after todays hellish paper and pamper myself with dramas and stuff (as a sort of consolation and tomorrow's holiday after all). so i decided to watch the one i already got stored in this for a while now-the main reason i have it is that it starred Mukai Osamu. oh my, i'm sooo into him now(followed with Okada Masaki and few others), he's among the most refreshing actors in Nihon right now. well almost all of my entertainment are Nihon stuff. so, what i watched for today was a movie titled "5 Nen go no Love Letter"/Love Letters for 5 Years Later. to say accurately, it's not a movie, it's originally a 12 mini episodes from some kind of handphone tv channel. it's a story about a father who does not even stand a chance to meet his son as he dies before the child is born but he already planned a surprise for the child and the mother which takes place 5 years after his death.

this story strongly reminds me of "P.S I Love You" the part with letters containing missions to be done whilst the sender is no longer in this world. but this story still does not lose of its own charms, and of course tear-jerking! for me who can only easily shed bead of tear (notice the singular form here) for dorama has indeed shed a whole lot for this one-my cheeks literally wet. one thing i notice about tear-jerking moment is that it's more often void of words. just uttering a line and then a moment of stillness with face expression perfectly matched to the situation is enough to break the dam of the tears down. the little boy's character also livens up the whole story. and he's cute to look at! (of course Mukai Osamu also never fails me in that area). in conclusion, i gotta say i love this story.

here's the early part of the story-sorry no english sub:

even only after about 3 minutes from the beginning, i can easily feel the tear brims, that's one touching scene

yes, it's setsunai (my vocabulary is shrinking further now when i can only think up of words of another language than the one i'm using at the moment).

p/s: this is totally trivial over here, the title of the upcoming new song from weaver did make me smile too. Ao iro Graffiti/Blue Grafitti, i'm wondering what kind of lyrics it'll contain this time, i always love songs from them, i respect Kawabe for being such a good song writer.

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