Thursday, February 3, 2011

there'll be no more of this in nihon (really?)

a recent mail in my inbox:

As a frequent customer of Domino's, it gives us great pleasure to provide you with this exclusive offer:
Free Garlic Twisty Bread

the point is not that mere thing they offer me, it's the fact that i've been quite dependent on them all this while, lol

i wonder if i can still order like this in the future. hahaha, i better learn how to cook for myself from now on


T said...

Iman learning to cook????
What a revelation!
By the way, I heard you can get a lot of things from vending machine including ice-cream & groceries.

hudhud said...

bolehlah dtg saitama rse homemade pizza iman..insyaAllah^^

man2,awaknyer blog best sgt nk bce..tpkn utk org2 brmate 4 mcm sye sgtlah siksa..dekireba adjust size tulisan ek=)

snylo said...

tasneem, you better prepare with easy recipe that you can teach me this raya....

huda,homemade pizza tu cm lamaaa lagi la kot, huda dtg, iman order jerla pizza yer, begie nyer kan leh mkn :P how about the new font?