Thursday, May 27, 2010

the passing days (photos updated!)

seems like this month my entry count is a lil bit less than usual but it doesn't mean nothing much is going on, in contrast there's a lot of stuff that i got my hands tied. but amidst that, there're also some happy and unexpected days~
like how we ended up touring KL

getting butterfly on my finger

and saw schools of fishes and lots of other creatures at aquaria

feasting on a scrumptylicious ice-cream

riding on the rollercoaster which was totally out of plan

buying a new blouse totally way above my regular price range

simple daily surprises such as having naan as lunch

or getting our circuit working after numbers of times it had failed

missed our bus home and hitched a ride on our beloved sensei's car, and he treated us for cheezy wedges

the 30seconds trailer of flumpool's new song (gosh, how  i want that upcoming single sooo much)

or the sudden development of the drama i've been watching

or reading some blog posts that just touch my heart(as explained here)

okay, supposedly the most of the above are only captions for photos i intend to put up there but the internet just won't be nice to me from the day before yesterday when i first wrote this post. so, whenever condition allows it, i'll rethink on updating this again.
photos updated!!

but yeah, thanks to a whole lot of people who just make my life brighter. everyday is full of challenges, bearing it with all the sweet memories, we all can make it through together~

p/s: this blog somehow is like a rollercoaster ride

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Nurhanisah said...

haha.ala bukan selalu dapat baju macam tu kan kan? :P