Saturday, June 5, 2010

the middle of the year, the middle of semester

so much of a good thing that the program i'm in now complies with the japan calendar, it just differs to most local universities, yeah, we're indeed NOT IN HOLIDAY.... in fact, we're really in the middle of the semester now

so, you can just imagine how bustling it is.. and just today, we had 2 tests.

not something i would like to talk about.



ok, i should get my spirits up!

we went in the workshop this week. thank goodness it's not as hot as i thought. we haven't finished with the lathing, the rest will be completed by next week but i wonder do we have enough time for that... btw, it was funny when it just happened exactly the same like with the previous group as a friend of mine had told me, to see our TA so restless waiting for our sensei.

and someone made me very happy in the middle of the week too. never thought he would do that far just for us. that was so kind of him to remember about us and send stuff all the way from there. that just adds more to the gratitude i'm owing him now. how i wish i can already fly over there and see all these wonderful people~

for university fair tomorrow, i'm wishing everything to go well, really hope i could gather all the information i need, like sensei said, this is our sole chance of having direct interaction with people of our prospective universities. nihongo jouzu ni shaberaremasuyouni.....

and something relating to origami gave me a giggle today XP people can be so cute sometimes~

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