Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's epic!

the first movie i watched in May, and it's just fantastic~~!!!

it's Kick Ass!!

okay, honestly, i'll say i had not the slightest interest to watch it when looking at that title. i mean, it just sounds like rubbish. and even prior entering the cineplex, when i at least knew it's a story about someone who is a superhero wannabe, i simply thought it's a parody of all those superhero stories we've known. in short, i got zero expectation.

and then i watched it.

gosh, it's only the first minute and i already laughed my heart out. it's just too hilarious. and then the story starts, featuring a super-regular guy with no special ability or whatsoever and quite absorbed in the comic world. and his name's dave. while there's a lot of story talking about courage, in this movie, this guy probably shows a WHOLE LOT of it. to make himself a superhero while he has no powers or anything close just because there's just nobody else who would be one. of coz, who would???

and suddenly, he turns into someone in green suit appearing in streets. what does he think? cosplaying??? i thought just how stupid this story would go, alas the story really does lie on realisticity(did i just make up this word? :P). his first attempt to do justice and something really notorious happens. i bet there's no cinema that would be quiet during this scene. to not be a spoiler, i'll just say while he indeed succeed in stopping the bad doing he saw, in return, due to his own zero-superhero-skill, he took the toll of it. yeah, this is getting interesting.

and parallel to dave's story, there's another story about dad and daughter who seems like they're having their own scheme, very mysterious but creepy as well. and both story progresses and up to a point, they intersect each other and everything falls into place. 

this movie is never short of moments where i would be taken aback, especially when nicholas cage first appears with some awkward mustache. i didn't know he's among the cast! i guess his acting here is just superb as anywhere else.

youtube plays its role in the movie as well.

to make a full review of it would be troublesome, in short i'll say the plot is really great, and every casts live up their characters amazingly well. and unlike any superhero movie, it's just realistic (for me at least). action scenes, not bad, and if i could remember there's a moment with an applause from whole hall. language-wise, if you consider 'fuck' as no foul word, then it's rather clean. hahaha, i guess that word just appear in the script at 20seconds frequency?? may be gruesome at times, or simply you feel just how that cute girl can ruthlessly stab people to death?? but, she's still cute anyway.

oh, and that super-regular-guy-dave eventually turns a lot more attractive by the end of the story.

perhaps, this would be the best movie for 2010, it just has a lasting impression it still doesn't disappear until today from when i watched it. i wouldn't mind watching it again. ummm, but i figure sunway pyramid is not the best venue to watch it after all. they got such a bad hall for watching a movie it's so steep 5 rows from the front are totally goner.

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