Sunday, May 9, 2010

one wishlist cleared!

in fact, there were just too many good stuffs happened yesterday, one of them being getting something i've coveting so much all this while.

to put yesterday chronologically, it started at 8 a.m. saturday at 8 a.m!! if it's a usual saturday i would be still lying on bed. but yesterday was a Saturday with an agenda. i was actually going for a KL tour! hahaha, for nearly 20 years i've lived that's quite a first time doing so. actually i was just tagging along when a friend of mine invited me to join them. so there we goes, head count: 14. i know that's quite a large party but it was exciting nonetheless. and tht's the first time i ever hanged out with junior girls. a lot of them too. and the whole purpose of the tour is to let our TAs enjoy KL. in short, we're the tourist guides and also fellow interpreters for them :P

so, what's there to show in kl? ok, that pretty put me in a bind too. i mean, what i know about places in kl only limited to its shopping malls and such. so, for our dear tourists, there's at least something else we could show. there's a lot, isn't it?

so we ended up going to national museum and butterfly garden. :D

okay, perhaps museum is out of my knowledge range, but they currently hold an exhibition about coffins. quite interesting actually. but poor them, there's no japanese in the descriptions so i don't think they could understand it so much. and after that brief stop at the museum, we actually enjoyed our time in the butterfly garden. what i could think of actually was that's a good place for dating (okay, i know i'm lame). though the numerous number of butterflies can creep you out, it's still beautiful and fascinating. i got one on my finger! that is after it stopped on goda-san's arm and just stayed there. is his body emanating sweet honey or what?

moving on to the next venue, we came into a family whose 2 daughters are so cute~~~ i didn't get bored playing with the baby, it's simply too adorable despite the fact i'm not actually fond of kids. but this one is irresistible. oh emily, have a good time in malaysia though i'm sure you won't remember your time here after all.

and then, the main attraction of its all, KLCC. hahaha, i don't know for how many times i've stepped in there this year. and i'm just absorbed in kinokuniya just like always. but yesterday, it was so exciting, other than buying a book i've been looking all these while, i also discover someone else that could relate to my predilection. yea, frankly i didn't bother with him before, but we have such common interest it's such a delight. shimoyama-san, i'll remember that recommendation of yours, i'll read it for sure! i'll be waiting for the day i could actually read all those isaka koutarou's novels. i've been attracted to his works when i watched the movie adaptations from his novels. man, that's quite a style! i'm sure the novels are even more penetrating than the adaptations. now i really hope my nihongo is already so damn well enough to be able to read those.

and last but not least, petaling street and central market. that really gave me a giggle. i'm wondering what purpose does they come here all the way from japan for. they ended up buying a whole lot of anime dvds and very little of anything else. at least, they got to experience durian. i really think it's rare to find someone who would like it coz none of them does. and also what poor luck to buy a defected good it's broken a while after the purchase. and we walked and walked and walked it was already nearing dusk.

yea, time to return. yet, while the rest were heading home, i made a detour to fulfill my objective of the day and went to midvalley. however, it seems like what i want to do can't be done after all. instead, i found what has long been in my wishlist, and an affordable one at that. oh my, i've really been spoiling myself...

 but looking at yesterday, now i really really want a camera!!!

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Has said...

never been to the butterfly garden but thanks to you for the "good-place-for-dating" comment!--- would tell my hubby about this :D