Saturday, September 26, 2009

which has the slower rate? this internet speed or me writing blog entry

indeed, i tend to leave the entries to this blog unfinished. so, it's not like i'm lazy to update anything, but truly it can be hard to complete one whole post.... it can take much of my precious times just to write a single one... talking about having insufficient time to complete my homeworks or whatever, here i go wasting time just to express my thoughts that nobody could even care less...

nevertheless, it aids me to keep in touch with my sanity. it could be bad if i just leave everything bottled up inside....

that explains why this place has become such a collection those melancholic pieces of myself which i could also considered as junks. nonetheless, i could take the chance to at least practice my lousy english here, as i'm afraid it's gradually rusting away due to the over exposure on nihongo alone, let it be academically or the entertainment purpose which takes up most of my days away.

so, back again to what infuriates me for all day long. it's none other than this internet which speed can make me break my fuse. certainly, what other reason do i use this lovely notebook but to feed my obsession which includes streaming videos and downloading dorama etc. so, u got it, there's no way such a slow internet would please me. urrgghh. not only that, it's not even stable that it often goes on and off, interrupting everything i'm doing at the moment.

for example, even for a less than 2 minute video such as the following, i dun know how long it was to just wait b4 it fully load, but then it got stuck an i have to refresh again so it just prolonged my waiting. btw, i just discovered them and i took a quick liking to this band. easy to the ear i would say. though not as much as when i have my first impression on flumpool, they can easily sneak in into my favourites sooner or later. in fact, they can be considered as flumpool's junior as they just debuted under the same label as flumpool. if someone can make my wish come true, i really would like to watch these guys perform at budoukan next month. this band, Weaver will also perform as the performing act for their senior. seems very exciting to me but i guess dreams are mostly left as dreams ka naa..

oh yeah, despite being in the middle of raya season, i'm here at home lazing around. it's not as if i could go anywhere such as my friends house as i please, i still don't get hold of my license and even if i already had it in my hand, i hardly dare to actually drive or i am allowed to do so.

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