Monday, September 7, 2009

honestly i don't want to do it

it's just like what's stated above...

it's truly difficult to do things in which you don't have heart or even a sliver of interest

though it's said 'one man with commitment is better than thousand with interest' (i saw this quote at my school corridor), it's undeniable that in the absence of interest, if not impossible, it's nearly impossible to possess the slightest commitment in doing anything even if you are ought to.

and now, the matter in question is currently the assignment i got for my 'Malaysian Studies'. for dozens of times, i've tried to not think that it is a boring subject or anything near it. but in the end, when i'm assigned a work for it, it felt like such an unwanted heavy burden dumped onto me.

now, i'm abhorring it. the whole stuff i'm facing in order to complete it.

now i feel, the malaysia constitution is a nuisance. a bother in my life.

i guess, i just came to hate this.

please, everyone knows hate is not a good thing, right? so, don't go make me hate you, history.

where has all the fun go in learning this subject? i used to go all excited when reading history books (that was prior to learning history at school where i was required to cram them all in my head). or shouldn't knowing how this country works made me more informed and knowledgeable? but now, i dun feel like knowing anything more, again, it just like such a bother.

i'm a selfish, irresposible, ignorant person.

though i'm all complaining here, it doesn't even help me one bit in completing my duty. oh my, at this rate, i'm just gonna be the target of anger of my groupmate.

please, put more passion in it, iman!! don't let those good-looking actors deviate your eyes away. be focused, be focused, be focused...........


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