Friday, September 25, 2009

am taking things for granted (a melancholic post amidst the effervescence of eid)

um, most of the things felt so dull and plain boring

so, does this matches what people say by taking things for granted?

yes, i do have my family
my friends
a place i can call home
my bed i could somehow comfortably lie on
lots of food i'd just love to gobble on
passing on events i could consider my pieces of my life's memories

what else could i ask for?

but still, it all felt superficial

hmmm, indeed humans are such greedy creatures topped up with envy, lusting for more that are beyond reach

coz it just seems that grass is always greener on the other side

ka na?

p/s: recently i've been having dreams in which i could remember some people i know personally have been appearing, it made me laugh but somehow puzzled coz it's not a usual thing that i could even recall what i dreamt.... could it probably be that they actually held much importance to me? i don't think they have even a second to think about my little existence in their life though...... just exactly why do i took all the trouble thinking what others are thinking anyway? is that even needed? should i bother? i could care less what others are up to but then what is it that i really long for in the first place?

if people are in fear when left in the unknown,

yes, i'm in fear

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