Tuesday, April 28, 2009

looking for..

the above title is taken from a song from spitz...

so, for the moment, there are indeed a lot of thing to be wished and looked forward despite my bustling life in JAD

  • the new single release from flumpool - 「MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク~ / 夏Dive」(oh somebody, i'll love you very very very much if you would make me in full bliss by getting this for me)

  • also their LIVE DVD「『How did we feel then?』~flumpool Tour 2009 "Unreal" Live at Shibuya Club Quattro~」<---i really2 want this

    ~i just love this new picture of them~

  • everyday's wonderful dinner

  • the breeze blowing in my window after my return from school
  • the next 'information processing' class? though it's inevitable to get asleep but somehow the last class aroused much of my interest

  • chemistry class with sensei wearing the spectacle (he is sooo good-looking in it!!)

  • playing with skipping rope again (waiting for the backache to disappear)

  • another weekend out with my friends

  • watching 'boku no imouto' (odagiri joe is just irresistable to watch)

  • another drama: 'the quiz show' starring sakurai sho

and absolutely, i just love weekend with no school! thanks to that, for the past weekends, i've only been going out. though it was quite devastating for my wallet, they were all full of fun!!

quoting my sensei:
"you guys should have another life other than getting cooped under the books"


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