Friday, April 3, 2009

the engine's on! +the story of a momentary shopaholic

though i've only just attended the driving class, what i'm doing now is something like racing a car....

we were told this today:
"don't lose focus, or you'll lose control of the steering and you'll be in an accident"

oh yeah, class is starting next monday.... and i've just got the key, and the engine revs up now, vroom, vrooom!!! oh my, i'll have my kouhai-tachi watching me <--perasan jer


i wonder, just at what velocity that car of mine will be moving.... and i just hope my laziness won't pull me behind again....

and umm, i'm thankful before i started the race, i had the chance to actually shop~~ though it was a bit out of plan.. nevertheless, i got myself a new bag, a new piece of cloth, 2 new series on dvd of anime and drama, and.... a bit of exercise? :P

oh yea, i watched 'confession of a shopaholic' as well. earnestly, i think Luke Brandon in this movie adaptation surely as charming as imagined when reading the novel, that is after i watched the whole movie, umm, maybe the hairstyle did not suit him. a bit serabai la....

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