Thursday, January 24, 2013

school yearbook?

just now in Facebook, there's a shared photo that made its way in the newsfeed, it's apparently a page from what i suppose a school yearbook or some people may call graduation album. and that reminds me, i never had any of such.

i actually wanted to write a post like this after i graduate this march (if things go as planned), as i don't know if we would have one too. and that would make it epic, i mean, i've gone through layers of education from kindergarten until undergrad school, graduating from each of them but the thing that seems 'atarimae' (oh my, i don't know how to translate this), let's say people are taking it for granted that yearbook comes into package. but apparently not in my case.

and as i typed the word kindergarten above there, i had a monologue, why would kindergarten have such thing? and curiosity won over me. as people says, information is at your fingertips, and i instantly discovered that there are places where they do have graduation album even for kindergartens! (in the process of finding that out, i also discovered there are actually parents who blog about the whole life of their kid(s), i thought that only happens in tv ads)

so, it kind of ticks me when there would be a scene in a tv drama or movie where they would flip the book and recall the memories, or in some cases desperately opening them to get informations they already forgot with the flow of time. and i imagine myself in the future unable to do that. for my elementary and middle school, as it is still in the area, informations can be easily obtained, and i still do keep close relations with some, well childhood friends are your friends forever. and then i transferred to a high school located far away, where people from all regions gather. it was only for 2 years, though i still remembers the numbers of students in our batch-328 altogether, not that it heavily matters but honestly i only know a fraction of them. don't blame me if in just few years to come, i can even forget someone in my own class even though there were only 23 of us (or was it 24?). after barely 5 years we had dispersed our own ways, i felt like their existence are already so far from me.

and i was born exactly in the era where pictures are all pixelated and people prefer to store them as binary data instead of keeping them analogue on pieces of paper. and guess what, the last time i remember actually having photos on paper for the sake of memories might be before i even turned 10, that means more than 10 years ago. in the present where i am still this sloppy, it is hard to expect that i carefully managed all the files containing the photos or any pieces of memories i had then. what more when new gadgets are in put into use and old data tend to be abandoned, and they simply vanished! it's not to say we should live by hanging onto the past, but it kind of feels bitter when you have no recollections of the past at all, and nothing to help you do that.

my university life?

not bad.

let's see if these fragile memories can still last after i become a grown-up (n i'm still considering i'm still not one)

a totally random photo. the cat saying "i couldn't care less about your life"

p/s: i should seriously read more to improve my vocabulary.

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