Saturday, May 4, 2013

after a very long while

for so many times i thought of reviving this blog, but it was all in vain

but no, i never thought of abandoning this place at all

each time i thought of writing something, it would all end up as thoughts and never really did i type anything

or maybe i typed, but they just stink in the drafts

honestly, the last time i wrote anything in proper english was for my graduation thesis titled 'Detection of Cavitations in Stems of Tomato Plants Using High-sensitivity Acceleration Sensor', which i tried to complete in a haste. 

well, thankfully i graduated!

and now i'm doing master course in the same laboratory, under the same advisor. i love my sensei~ so yea, i remain as a student

but it's indeed hard to try writing after so long, so i just made a digest for April, 1 second per day in a video.

i ate out a lot, so that's why there's so much food involved.

i guess i really have to be thankful, April served as a very nice start-off for my school year. i enjoy to be in my laboratory more than before, majorly thanks to my friend who entered the same lab as i am.

yes, i'm still raising tomato.

the moment i'm doing this post, it's almost the end of Golden Week, which means i have to prepare for school again after a whole week sleeping in until the afternoon.

a good thing is, it's getting warmer so it might be less difficult to get out of the futon in the morning. i already kept my down blanket away.

hopefully it'll be a great day, great week, great, month, year and life ahead!

oh, tomorrow would be general election in Malaysia, i was short of vocabulary when i wanted to explain about this in Japanese. i still have a long way to go to improve my Japanese (and this is the girl who is thinking of getting a job here)

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