Wednesday, February 15, 2012

something japanese

yesterday, as always, i skipped breakfast, or more like i slept until past noon to disable me to have one.

i had a date with arini. again. this was for 2 days straight.

we are shopping buddies.

the day before that, it was tokyo where we walked at akihabara and harajuku. GAP's new spring collection is indeed attractive, just that our budget won't allow it, so byebye. but further walk led me to buy another pair of boots. 

and yesterday, it was a place much closer. Omiya.

what's there in omiya, you ask? err, for saitama residents, that's one of the big places you can go, okay, for shopping you might opt for Koshigaya Laketown, as it's the biggest outlet after all, but that'll take more minutes by train.

i arrived with my partner already waiting at the promised spot. apparently she was enjoying it, the time she had to wait.

today(yesterday) was feb 14th, so observing the people around can be amusing it seems.

that was a lot of couples. japanese with all their obsession of this date.

i couldn't care less.

our stomach's growling (it still growls no matter when), we hurried to fill it. the day was raining, we had to find somewhere close.

and we entered a shop.

no couple spotted at all.


i love sushi. apparently no one dates in sushi shop, so were saved from a choking view of couples being loveyy-dovey or whatever.

and sushi really is delicious. and we entered one with no conveyor belt. to have it arrive to you in wonderful presentation makes it even more delicious.

maguro saikou! (and i actually had quite the same thing last month, but last month is last month)

yesterday's at Gatten Omiya
last month's at somewhere in shibuya (remember this somewhere? yes, a recycled photo)

a really funny video i just found regarding sushi, this really made crack!

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