Friday, June 24, 2011

Baskin robbins a.k.a sa-tiwan

From the first time i went to indulge the srumptiliciousness of baskin robbin's ice-cream here, it took me less than a month to savor it for the third time already. But there's something quite different between the one in malaysia and in japan. It's how it is known.

The first time i went was on 31st of last month. It was chilly at the time, but who cares, there's discount! I invited my friend to go along with me (i don't wanna eat alone at the shop). So i gave a mail:

Me : there's discount at baskin robbins today right? I want to eat icecream, let's go together!
My friend : alright! Where's the place?
Me: i think it's very near to Saizeriya

My friend : u mean Sa-tiwan?
*it took me about a few minutes to figure out what he said, i was like "what korean word he's talking about now?"*
me : yea!

Apparently no one knows the name baskin robbins here. Even the website is they call it thirty-one (of coz with the katakana english). I wonder why they don't translate it fully like 'sanjuuichi'? Lol but yeah, it's really a delight especially in a hot weather like now. I'm still trying to get used with the recent heat. It's just like malaysia now. Wearing 2 layers nearly not applicable. Back to the topic, actually i also tried another place for ice-cream just the other day. They have many specialty menu with the icecream and they prepare it on the spot, like handling dough on the ice-cold stone slabs. btw, the shop's name is 'cold stone' (and aisya jLo mistook it as 'cold storage' at first :P) what makes it quite special is how merry the atmosphere they personally create! They practically sing a lot songs (mostly that sounds like nursery rhymes) every now and then while serving the customers. But maybe because they are simply attracted to our foreigner self, when it was our turn, they interviewed us instead. Maa ii ka, at least the icecream was truly delicious!!



T said...

I wrote something earlier but they were gone. grr....

Anyway, both Baskin Robins and Cold Stones are pretty common here. Almost passe. Where grandma would take their grandkids. hehehe. This season is the season of Frozen Yogurt. woohoo. though I still prefer gelato any times of the day.

reefqi said...

naruhodo.. 31 eh..haha~
kalu tgk dkt logo dia pn ada no 31 tu..

you know who xD said...

sore! oishii!!!!!!!!
iman2, nak hadiah sa-tiwan bole??