Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the 7th weekend : yokohama (part one)

in the previous weekend, i spent time cooped up in my room, so i regained my momentum back, and there i go, more places added to my weekend diary.

to start it off, the journey there was epic. i mean, i would never ever forget that super clumsy me. the plan was to meet up with Ceca at shibuya station and together we would go to Lia's house. as we didn't particularly have any other plan to do on that Saturday, i thought i could complete my report first prior to going out in the afternoon. in fact the rendezvous was supposed to be at around 4:30, so stepping out of my house even after asar (half past 3) is still okay.

but no, i did not manage to complete the report, so i had no choice but to bring it along with me to yokohama. i dared not to finish the weekend with reports still undone, the dateline being monday. and i'm going to house of the geniuses after all, they can help me. so, i was busy packing my bag, the clothes, the netbook, the notes, the relevant books. thankfully my backpack fit all that. so, quite later than planned, it was nearly 4 p.m that i started off the journey. the closest train station(Minamiyono) only takes 10-15 minutes by bicycle from what i heard, so i guess i could just save 170yen if i were to go there by bus. paddling  the bicycle, i tried reaching there with the help of the map in the phone. okay, it was no 10-15 minutes, i got lost. and the route was partially hills, so it took more time than i thought. even to find where to park my bicycle took time too. i was ready to apologize to ceca coz i was about to be late. to reach shibuya, i also had to change trains. and then, here where the unexpected came-it was only a station away from shibuya. i realized i forgot a very very important thing at home!! 

i alighted at Shinjuku (can you believe it, it was already this far!) and took another train back to Minamiyono again. in 3 hours, i travelled so far just to reach the same point again. i'm relieved they don't charge you if you get in and out from the same station. quickly got on the bicycle again, and rushed to my house in haste. okay, this time it was truly in that 10-15 minutes range. entered the house again, took the stuff i forgot, drank water straight from the 2-litre bottle, and dashed out again. (let's count how many times i typed again) but i think my head actually got dizzy, i haven't eaten the whole day. so it was nearly impossible to reach the station by bicycle again. in the end, i  parked the bicycle in the campus and took the bus. yeah, the 170yen that i wanted to save got spent after all-with an extra 3 hours of time wasted.

what a long journey just to arrive here

so that was the journey. 

from shibuya to my final destination-Hiyoshi took another half an hour. so, when i arrived at Hiyoshi station, ceca was already with Lia and Iza. Hiyoshi is the station next to Keio University. i know those 2 girls hate this when i say this, but i when i reached the station, i really do feel the atmosphere where it's like smart-looking people are all around. there were a lot of students, perhaps on the way back from their club activities. i don't know how to describe this, of course, here the infrastructure is clearly different, even the people exude different aura. it's like a different world LOL. so, it was night when i arrived, though i can't view much of the surrounding, it was beautiful. 

my breakfast+lunch+dinner at otoya. ikan bakar. how nice if they also have sambal belacan or sambal kicap.

and of course, desert included

the next day.... (continued to next post :P)

p/s: and i just remembered i still have the bicycle in the campus as of now

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