Monday, June 20, 2011

2 consecutive weekends at home

(okay, i lied as it's not entirely true, for lunch on the recent saturday, i went somewhere which i spent about 5 hours, but yeah, it's only for lunch, with dessert of a very delicious ice-cream).

yet, what i did was just idling time away leaving the works all done at the very last minute. give me no matter how many hours in a day, and i can still fill it with nothing beneficial at all.

what's wrong with my head? can't i feel the sense of crisis by now?

about 2/3 weeks left before the final exam.

p/s: i want a new purse(mine is lost for quite a while). a leather purse specifically. a beautiful one but won't cost me much. is that too much to ask?

something like these perhaps?  (just why these are sooo damn expensive??)


Has said...

kawaii desu ne. ikura gurai desu ka? :)

snylo said...

kawaikute tamaranai~~

1~2man gurai... naze konnani takai deshou??