Monday, May 23, 2011

to be honest

living alone is simply lonely.

lol. talking about the obvious.

but yeah, when i go to classes, i do meet my friends but then, when i returned home, there's no one but me alone.

only when it's the weekend, it feels lively, which requires a bit of effort to go somewhere with people i know, and spend time, no matter how trivial it is. or for some stupid reason, like i can't do my homework alone in my room, so i took the trains to go to the neighboring city.

i cleaned up the room after a while, yet i still can't find the lost wallet. and it still has 10 singapore dollar in it. well, thanks to my habit of spending every last yen i have in the wallet each time i shop. yeah, i went shopping again last week. an unplanned one as i only intended to only go to Ueno Zoo.

i managed to see giant panda for about 30 seconds.

the giant panda was behaving like a sloth.

just like how i'm feeling most of the time.

so, what i'm going to do this weekend?


Nurhanisah said...

ahaha,that is superbly extremely cute! panda betol kat ueno zoo tu? ;D boleh bayang kalau iman macam tu jugak ;D

iman berapa kali nak hilang wallet niii? adeh ;p

snylo said...

a'ah, panda betul. ramai giler org nk tgk, kesian family yg beratur panjang2, i mean sgggttttt panjang

last time iman hilang waktu matrik kot. hrp2la jumpa yg ni, leceh la nk beli skrg, lari budget dah.

Anonymous said...

you live alone??
you must feel bored..
i was alone in korea last winter holiday cause my roomate went back to malaysia
1 month only but i nearly died of boredom xD