Sunday, May 29, 2011

note before the end of may

the end of may means half of my semester are already done with

while i'm still clueless about most of the classes.

the end of may also means, june's approaching.

my read-book-list still haven't increased since the early april.

what has become of my a-book-a-month target?

nevertheless, i read a few volumes of manga (like i expected, Waltz is truly a great purchase):D

now i hope i could finish the novels stuck at the rack beside my bed.

i wonder just when i can finally be a great time manager to be able to spare time for those.

as i am currently a queen of wasting time.

dame da!

p/s: and yet again, i'm eating instant noodle for dinner. no wonder my head seems not to be functioning at its best.

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