Friday, May 27, 2011

day 40 -sushi-

it really took me a long time to update things here.

and already 40 days has passed since i first set my foot on this land.

but then, only yesterday i got to eat sushi for first time in nihon.

it was really fun. of course, time spent with friends are always enjoyable. and funny and everything else.

better than doing things alone, right?

yeah, i've infected with kawabe's style of blogging with line by line basis. (note: kawabe is the drummer for one of my fav bands, WEAVER and he blogs almost everyday here)

well, coz it seems easier and neater to look. compared to this one sensei's writing on the board. he really writes things anywhere he feels like it, nowhere everything on it is in any particular order.

i think i've been spoiled too much by a lot of sensei who write everything so neat, easy to copy straight to my notes. now i'm troubled. i even got a test for that particular subject this monday.

i think i've started to 'mengumpat' or more familiar in english, grapevines gossipping. lol

so, why don't i just continue?*evil grins*

back to today's event, like i said, it's fun and indeed FUNNY. how something i predicted actually came true. how people's behaviour can be that easily foreseen is amusing. i read a lot of shoujo manga so it's funny how to see stuff often illustrated in manga to be before my own eyes. like how someone has a crush on another, and obviously shown yet barely gets any response.

somehow, i feel sorry.

okay, now i feel bad. but the fact i find it amusing to watch is not a lie.

nevertheless, it was really enjoyable, eating sushi and all. thanks to all these people. but then, look at the difference of the number of plates on both tables. respectively there were 4 boys and 3 girls yet the number of plates is greater on the girls' side. gyaku janai??


p/s: i got a sorta test tomorrow, yet i can still update blog?

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T said...

grapevine = rumors, not mengumpat
mengumpat = gossiping