Monday, December 6, 2010

on edge

 a short account of what happened during the weekend (or what i thought at the beginning, but it still ended up quite long)

Saturday. the day before JLPT. i believe if not all, almost everybody in JAD was bound at TBP for the sake of studying for the test. so, when i stepped into Sunway Pyramid, there was no familiar face at all, usually it's very rare not to find someone there. somehow, it feels weird. i was out there for ice-skating, something i planned earlier that week. it sure is unhealthy for me to continue being at TBP for so many weekends, so i gotta be somewhere else doing things i enjoy no matter what. rejected by any fellow JAD, i ended up going with my sister and one of the TA's who bothered to wake up in early morning. well, ice-skating sure is difficult though but it feels exciting when you achieve to at least skate. u're only depending on two thin blades under your feet! nevertheless, i could only get as far as moving at a speed no greater than a turtle unlike my companions who joyfully slide through the throng of people, sometimes leaving me helpless. at times, i do feel sorry for Endo-san who would follow with my pace closely behind. it sure made me glad as if i'm being protected. mission accomplished for the day! not without falling down for numerous times. next time i'll practice more until i can do it effortlessly :)

Sunday. JLPT-KinoKuniya-Rapunzel
somehow it made me feel relieved that i actually went out playing the previous day. it'll be of no use were i to be stuck in my room, my nose under those books. that was just way too difficult. even for me (hahaha, this sounds like i'm damn good) i could care less what the result would be. it won't even affect our university entrance or whatever. so, that was it. the next thing i realized was i was on a date with Fatin. :D i've always wanted to watch Rapunzel so i've made a reservation for it. it was only the two of us, everyone else seem like to have their own plans. thankfully the test venue was near enough to the lrt station, getting to klcc was a cinch. so, while waiting for the showtime, i went to my favourite place-as expected. and what a delight to see so much interesting books ON SALE. i'm a girl in essence and can't help but to be so much excited when discounts are concerned. I, who usually prefers paperbacks(they're cheaper and smaller) actually bought 2 hardcovers today and due to the temptations i can hardly resist, ended up buying 4 books altogether. 

 my cameraphone sucks so it's not that visible but what i got today was 'I Shall Wear Midnight' by Terry Pratchett, 'Mini Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella, 'My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me' by various authors and 'Noah Barleywater Runs Away' by John Boyne. initially i thought of attempting another Isaka Kotaro's work when i heard the latest one is on sale, but it costs way too much over my budget! and it's also not that thin. aaa, just when will i be able to read those novel without much trouble? hopefully it'll be soon.

and Rapunzel sure is awesome!! Maximus is my favourite horse in all the stories i've watched so far.
so, next i'll be looking forward to Narnia! fantasy livens up our lives, isn't it??

just want to express my gratitude for the above things which will be very beneficial to me indeed^^

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Has said...

私も普通はpaperbackを買わないけど、この間イマンさんが読みたいって言ってたので、mini shopa を買っちゃいましたよ。金曜日に。イマンに、貸しますよ!とそろそろ言おうかなと思ったところで、イマンさんも買ってしまったことを知った!ごめんね。もう少しはやく言えばね。:)