Friday, December 17, 2010


well, certainly not the MTV CRIBS though i really wish i have a home like those featured in that.

and also not the crib they use to put the babies in to make them sleep.

it's just a word i'm particularly interested after recently discovering the use of it. it's a hospital term which stands for 'Complete Rest In Bed'. somehow it's cute seeing the close similarity to its literal meaning. isn't it?

so, updating with my current life, after i received the great news the other day, a quite-not-so-good news followed. i got a call informing that my father was in an car accident. a head-on collision which results with two wrecked cars, causing a few casualties. as there was a death involved, thankfully my dad is among those who survived. and as of now, he's still hospitalized for the injuries are yet to heal. thus, my discovery of the above mentioned term.

hopefully, his recovery will progress smoothly. thanks for a lot of people who gives their concern.

so, i just have to continue on with my life which means i have to be more serious towards studying? oh,how i've been slacking off a whole lot recently, and without me realizing it, it's gonna be the final exam so soon. and now, i DO worry. unlike before where it's others who did the worrying for me.

but as my senior advised, "don't be panic"

okay, after all, to be calm is important in such circumstance. breathe in....breath out............
i need more flumpool input.

-3 months to go-

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ibnuazlan said...

Salam. Aiman Pres here. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Is he okay now?