Friday, December 10, 2010


certainly, i'm in a very good mood at the moment compared to the other times i always wrote down any entry here

happy to not even care whether the sentence i structured makes sense or not

just today, i got a lot of stimuli that affect how am i feeling now

like how i discovered, someone from my old school, the same grade as me is actually getting married so soon!!

that really caught me unguarded

or after a long while i haven't so into korean drama, today i got stuck at one and can't help laughing

and laugh, and laugh

or finished yet another book i've been looking forward for quite some time, terry pratchett never fails to make such stories that will make me hooked and amazed. and even better i love that touch he did at the ending of  'I Shall Wear Midnight'. that was simple yet sooo sweet, and it's not even a love story but it just perfectly ends well. yosh, i could embark on the next book now. call it seasonal or whatever, i'm simply enjoying it!

but, what tops the list for the day definitely the one that put me is sooo much relief after a long while of anxiousness and anticipation. i got accepted!!!!! just received the acceptance letter in my hand in the afternoon, and never thought the documents included would be that much, well, that's what i gotta do from now on.

i gotta thank a lot of people for this.

i wonder if getting this kind of news can make someone so happy, how about all the other things that are much more than this? no wonder they can coin the word 'on cloud nine' which i used to think senseless at one time. what a good thing to be happy, i wish everyone can be happy too!! it fills your heart with delight you can't help but to beam a smile so sincere without ever having to strain it or feign it in any way. cheers!


ayesyaazreena said...

omedetou iman!!

sarah afiqah said...

kte pun tgh shock lagi pasal kausar nak kawin tu. tumpang gembira untuk dia. yeayy!

zaty said...

iman,kalau ko,agak agak dh boleh kahwin x skg?XD