Sunday, June 27, 2010


okay, amidst time like now, i really like to sing along the song 'Dear God' from 'avenged sevenfold'. well, for the reason it has such line like this:

"i'm lonely and TIRED~...."

ummmm, undeniably the current period we're enduring right now might be among the toughest times as a student in this so great program of JAD. with only less than 3 weeks away from the big and important final exam, yet the load of works never seems to be lighter even a bit. and due to own very fault, you didn't bother to equip yourself first with sufficient studying beforehand because having fun is more inviting to do, so you ended up panicking when it's only the eleventh hour. adding more to that, we have to worry about which university we should apply to ensure we would get the best of it, it's more agitating when the one of your choice does not seem to be approved by the sensei who believe there are another one meant for you.

to the point you want to say, perhaps you've reached own limit you have no strength left to take another step.


is what i want to say, but somehow, it seems someone made me realise i better not say that aloud or even as a silent whisper. might be funny but according to him, it could mean another thing,


see, if it's said too frequent, the later meaning might just come true....

and i learnt this:




-even if you're tired, better to say "i'm hanging on, hanging on"-


thanks Kawabe-kun!

and yes, Kawabe-kun, you look so smart in a suit there! XD *oh someone, would you make me happy giving me their upcoming new album due to be released by this August?*

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