Saturday, August 6, 2011

what a gloomy post in the first week of ramadan

for some unknown reasons, it seems like i've been away from this blog a quite a while.

nande darou?

is it because i feel like there's nothing worthy to write? well, quite a lot happens, good and bad.

what have i done all this while?

exam's over - good news
meeting friends - good news
travelling for quite a bit - good news
watching magnificent fireworks - good news
flumpool's new single - good news

iftar alone - bad news
not getting part-time work - bad news
not so much money to spend as i like - bad news
my language skill in all languages getting worse - bad news

+some other stuff - bad news

okay, maybe they balance each other. i shouldn't feel so miserable i guess. it's indescribable. but i only know this feeling lies somewhere in the negative zone. shuuh, shuuh, please go away.

btw, i'm stuck with a lot of dramas this season. they're my companions during most evenings.

uurgh, honestly i hate it when actually there's a lot that i want to vent out but manage not to do so. i don't even know whether it's because i unconsciously refuse to or simply am not able to. it's like so many things are running in the mind and everything's in a mess and entangled, and i don't even know where to start to make things in order. let's say a whole lot of shoelaces getting mixed, all in dark colours, when you feel like untangling it, not even a single aglet(the end part of shoelace) can be seen. you're tired but you know you gotta do it. it just makes you frustrated.

in the end, it feels like something is sticking to your chest and won't budge. what a weight.

wishing everyone a happy day, a happy life, a blessed ramadan!


T said...

instead of untangling the shoelaces, why not just put on a flip-flop?
gotta think outside the box. what are you trying to achieve? if my current path doesn't work? what else, I can do? is there any substitution? is there any other way to get there? Some people tend to get tangled in the details while forgetting the big picture. You need to balance the 2 together.

p.s. seeing a therapist helps too, especially at your age.

zaty said...

haha iman!hisasiburi!
maybe i should make a good news bad news list like yours,and see if mine is well-balanced.coz my face shows that im all stressed out!(><)

miss iman and the time we had;all the talks on kpop or jpop or dramas o.O