Monday, July 18, 2011

the end of exam note

it's nearly a month since my last post. that's the longest hiatus i have so far!

so, our exams have ended. well, for other places, they might still be in the middle of it, or it's possibly drawing very near already. the reason my uni finishes the semester early this year is all for the sake of saving electricity. longer semester means longer use of the classes, the airconds and everything following it. so, the whole semester is shortened. usually, our exam is in august. so lucky me this year, we got longer summer holiday!

don't ever ask how the exam went. i don't want to remember about it.

but then, i have barely any plan for the first half of my holiday. i do try to get some part time job, at least, i could find extra money to cover the cost for the later half of my holiday :D but i don't know whether it'll go well or not. okay, gotta ask the seniors about this. i know near to nothing as to how to get jobs here.

i've been here for 3 months already. did a lot of things, schools and stuff. but then i realized, i didn't take as much pictures. like yesterday, i went out with some friends to watch harry potter movie, and we even went all the way to ueno from saitama just for lunch, yet there's no single photo of it. the same goes for quite a number of events before that. i don't know why. and i didn't even get to take photos with my experiment group though i badly wanted to do so, just that i  didn't have much courage to ask for it.

it'll be a waste if i just forget all these precious memories (i doubt lab experiments could count as one though, honestly i have very little of what i like about it) yosh, for the rest of the holiday, i'll make sure there's at least a photo for each event that happens.

these are from my last experiment for the semester, i admit i like this one a bit. it's interesting (the arm moves according to the hand's movement9

or to see how childish these boys look in front of this amazing technology (lia~~~ :"> )

well, the above was typed yesterday. talk about me who tends to leave my work halfway done.

like my report about the experiment above which is due tomorrow. i'm hating this self who always ends up doing last minute works. urgh. i don't know any way to get myself more motivated to do works early. the 1st semester was a mess so i sincerely hope the next one will be better. yeah, hope is a very nice word.

this almost sounds like a random rants already.

so everyone, have a nice day! btw, today is 'umi no hi'/'day of the sea??' in japan, it's a public holiday. it's a hot day in summer, take care of yourselves!!


you know who xD said...

Iman!!!!! Saya da x larat nak gelak tau
Blushing2 plak dye kat situ~~~

Has said...

iman nak kerja apa? iman ni boleh kana buat baito :P

snylo said...

lia: hehehe

sensei: keje ape yg sy bley buat yer sensei, bkn nyer dorg nk terima sgt pun. xleh memilih sgt. tp harap2 la dpt yg memuaskn. duit pun nk, experience pun nak :D